Before You Buy A Bulldog Puppy Anywhere
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What Is Wrong With  Bulldog Breeders?


Listen To The Scams and False Statements On Internet Websites

           How to spot a good breeder and how to spot a bad one!  

                  How to spot an INTERNET PUPPY MILL!

                             RUN FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too often each week I receive a phone call from someone saying my bulldog puppy just
went blind or the bulldog puppy has this or that problem.  Each time I get a call like this I
know that in most cases it is a known problem the "English Bulldog Breeder" had to be
aware of when they sold them the bulldog puppy.  

Most Bulldog Breeders sell you what I call
CULLS.  (The LEFTOVER bulldog puppies
that they do not want themselves).  Do not kid yourself by thinking they are selling you
anything that is GREAT.  We do not sell bulldog puppy culls and only breed genetically.  
The Genetic Bulldog Breeders Association and its members are the ONLY Genetic
Bulldog Breeders of English Bulldog puppies in the USA.

In the USA it is hard to find an English bulldog pedigree that does not contain linage to
“Little Ponds” “Titus” “Newcomb” “Phenix” “Cedarlane” “King Faroook” or
“Cherokee” in the pedigree.  Most of these breeders are experts at
selling you a
and keeping the really good stuff for themselves.  

They are each as much as an expert at
CLONING another English Bulldog Champion by
their practice of close line breeding.  Most of the line breeding practiced in the USA is
forbidden in nearly every other country of the world.  

    You should be asking yourself why ... or what am I talking about?

What do I mean by
CLONING and line breeding?   Think of it like this … if your family
only bred with cousins, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, grandparents
and yes even mother
to son and father to daughter
the genetic gene pool would become very narrow.   Yes you
would all resemble each other but your sickness and disease would increase by tapping
into the same genetic pool.  

You know as well as I do that when we go to the doctor in most cases we are asked if
there is any history of heart disease in our family.   Nearly every English Bulldog breeder
in the USA considers Grandpa to Granddaughter the number ONE breeding.   

THINK WITH ME.  If Grandpa had a bad heart, that same bad heart more than likely
was passed onto the Granddaughter from the mother ...
Now when Grandpa has SEX with
the Granddaughter
the bulldog puppies that are born are at more than DOUBLE the risk
of heart problems.  

Several  people with Masters degrees have called me complimenting me on my genetic
conclusions.  Each always asked me how I managed to come to such understanding with no
formal training in Bio Genetics?  I responded each time with the same answer ...

       It is really very simple ...

If Grandpa has sex with his Granddaughter we are going to throw his ass in jail not put
him in a show ring and give him a champion title.  Likewise if Daddy has sex with his
daughter and MOM with her son they are both going to
JAIL with Grandpa!

Most English Bulldog Breeders tap into the same gene pool repeatedly with little regard
HEALTH.  They breed for two reasons, money, and more money, by line breeding
another cloned Bulldog Champion.   Most breed Grandpa to Granddaughter and that is
the number one breeding,  Mother to son, and father to daughter, with NO
care for health.  This ignorant mentality is predominate and the carnal logic is IF that
makes a “Champion” then lets do it over and over.   "We can sell the bulldog puppy
CULLS to the public ... what do they know."  If you want to see what I mean go to an
English Bulldog show and look at the fat boring line bred bulldog puppies they call

In a while I will tell you why they are so interested in CLONING bulldog champions.

For now let me point out the common LIES you will hear or read on their websites.  I
assure you that after they read this they will remove the statements.  
First, beware of
cheap "homemade" websites complete with barking dogs, puppy feet and stupid music.
it looks like it was a website out of a box
and put together in a trailer it probably was.

1.        “We only breed to improve the bulldog breed.”  

The real truth is that in all of their “breeding to improve the bulldog breed” they have not
added one day to the life of an English Bulldog puppy or solved any health problems.   In
most cases because of their inbreeding by INCEST they have actually INCREASED the
health problems of English Bulldog puppies intentionally.

In the last 30 years the life span of English bulldogs has dropped dramatically because of
ruthless line breeding of money hungry breeders.  None of the line breeding is necessary.

2.        We only breed once in a while and
“occasionally” have a few bulldog puppies for
sale to
"approved homes" or “we are not in it for the money.”    LIE

If they are not in it for the money then why not SPAY and NEUTER every bulldog puppy
and donate ALL of the money to charity.   Hypocrites!   The "approved homes" CRAP is
to judge if you are a serious buyer and to make them look credible when you talk with
them "as if they are concerned about where the dogs go."  
WAKE UP!!  If they are
bulldog line breeders do you really think they care about where the bulldogs go?  The only
approval you need is your money!  

3.        Any website that talks about the
“numerous” health problems an English bulldog
has or has many articles about the bulldogs "potential health issues" as a
“guide to help
RUN from any such site!!

The truth is that they are probably trying to
“educate you” on their own bulldogs that
they knowingly breed with health problems due to their incestual quest for English Bulldog
champions and money.  That is why when your bulldog goes blind or cannot walk they can
say, “See I told you so.”  "Thats just how it is with bulldogs they are a tough breed"

If you breed bulldogs with health problems you will get bulldogs with health problems.
                 Kind of like using
CHEAP parts to begin with.

for English Bulldog puppy brokers who list page after page of bulldog puppies for sale.  
Often they will have listings with various kennel clubs.  They never show you their
facilities but operate under the mantle of helping you
FIND a bulldog puppy.

These websites are nothing more than internet puppy brokers that have
hooked up with
puppy mills
and some of the worst breeders in the world, in order to create an electronic
Internet Puppy Mill.  These are also an outlet for every Jethro & Elly May backyard type
breeder with two bulldogs and absolutely no genetic understanding of how to genetically
breed healthy English Bulldog puppies.  

BEWARE of long lists of puppies for sale.  Just like a pet store that brokers puppies you
must realize that this is an
Electronic puppy broker.  It should be obvious to you that they
are English Bulldog brokers who are hooked up with English Bulldog breeders that farm
their bulldogs through them.    
If you are stupid enough to buy a bulldog puppy from one of
these places you deserve what you get.  

While the AKC has major problems, when you see any other type of registration RUN
from the place.  That would include CKC, UKC, NKC and APR or any other registration
they dream up.  The breeding registration is so loose that it is not worth the paper it is
written on.  Often many low grade breeders start their own registry to make it look
THE AKC.  The dummies made their own registration club.

NEVER buy a bulldog from RUSSIA and watch out for bulldog puppies from Africa.         

Frankly if you read much of the stuff on the Internet about English Bulldogs it will scare
you to death to ever own one.   Most of the garbage you read is from English Bulldog
breeders who produce an inferior animal by an act of their own greed.  I do not breed
bulldogs with known health problems.

English Bulldogs, if they are not line bred will have no more problems than any other
breed of dog that is common to that breed.  Every breed has their own little things to look
out for and English Bulldog puppies are not any different.  I do not care if a bulldog
breeder says his dog's hips are “certified” and the winner at Westminster, that means
nothing to the next bulldog puppy if they are line breeding.  Anyone can get an X-ray of a
bulldog and make the same statement about that bulldog.  The problem is if they
knowingly line breed like Phenix Bulldogs does, chances are the gene will pop up in a

                    Here Is A VERY Serious Fact That Few Know

Between 15% and 20% of nearly every bulldog litter born in the USA has had some very
strange genetic
Anomalies happening for over the past 7 years.  It seems that entire
bulldog puppy litters are being born with their legs BACKWARDS
.  When this first
happened the "Big Shot English Bulldog Breeders" who make line breeding and cloning
another champion a practice, actually killed the entire litter.  I seriously believe that this
Anomalies is a result of close line breeding (Mother-Son, Father-Daughter, Grand
Father-Grand Daughter).

Later, the dummies found out that if you waited about 21 days the legs would turn back

 For The Last Seven Or Eight Years The Market Has Been Flooded
With The Fruit Of English Bulldog Puppies Born From This
Strange GENE.   
                 "Just Make The Money ... The Hell With The Dogs!"

I Personally Cannot Imagine What Must Be Next!  
I do not know about you but I do not
want a bulldog puppy that was born with it legs backwards EVEN if they turn around
again!  The dummies are actually including this in their ongoing "public education" so that
you will know what to "expect" as a possible future problem.  

We do not breed English bulldogs with known health problems and breed only in this order.
                         Health, Personality, and Show Quality.
       However, most of the time we are A + in all three categories.

Eight years ago I began to experiment with separating the Line Bred bulldogs as far back
as five generations and spaying or neutering every bulldog with a health problem.   What
began as a genetic experiment turned into a demand for the fruit from my genetically bred
English bulldog puppies.  As you might imagine I am not popular with line breeders.  Ask
me if I care.

It took a lot of work but today ALL of my bulldogs have NO line breeding in their
pedigree and most come from strong highly selective bloodlines.   I think we are making
great progress in really improving the health of our bulldog puppies.       

Champions, Champions, Champions, why does everyone claim champion stock on their
website?  Why do bulldog breeders and show dog people want to “Champion” a bulldog?  
Most will tell you that they show dogs for the  “FUN” and the competition and I am sure a
handful might but the rest are full of  BALONEY!  
(Just another lie)  

Just because an English bulldog has "a Champion" in its pedigree does not mean you are
getting a great bulldog.   In fact, the more champions in a pedigree of an English bulldog
puppy in this country more than likely means the greater the chance of line breeding.  

Dog shows and judges are extremely political.  I know of offers made to women from
you will sleep with me tonight”
to kick backs, bribes and “favors” with offers of "I will
champion your bulldog" or "give you some points towards your champion.  Specialty
English Bulldog shows are the worst of all being more political and dirty than any
presidential election.  

                           So Why Champions?  ...  Here is why.

An English Bulldog Champion male or female, if they are marketed well, can fetch a price
of well over $100,000.00.  A bulldog male Champion can allow the owner to sell semen to
thousands of females by artificial insemination bringing in as much as $10,000.00 to
$20,000.00 per month.  This is why you can find so many pedigrees full of "Little Ponds"
“Titus” “Newcomb” “Phenix” “Cedarlane” "Cherokee" and “King Faroook.”  They
SELL a lot of semen and English Bulldog puppies ... but then as they say, "they are only in
it to improve the breed."
(Yeah right!)  

Now do you understand why some people want to
CLONE a Champion by tapping into the
same genetic pool by breeding so close in line breeding?  The power of the almighty
dollar.  Who cares about real health of the English Bulldog, just make me one that looks
good.  What do I care if we see English Bulldog puppies INCREASE in health problems.  
Just sell the bulldog puppy
CULLS to the public.   Besides they are cute, fat and full of
wrinkles ... what does the public know.   

If you go to enough English Bulldog Specialty shows you will see what I mean.  They all
look close to one another and are quite BORING, because most English Bulldog Breeders
are masters at
CLONING another bulldog champion from a small gene pool by breeding
with methods of

                     WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME

                                LOOK FOR THIS SYMBOL

The largest English Bulldog puppy mill referral center in the United States is the Bulldog
Club of America
. (BCA)  Well there went my membership.  They are experts at promoting
that their members only breed “to improve the breed” and  that “they only breed to
show” as if they are promoting improving the "bulldog standard."  

Why they can put you in contact with a "reputable bulldog breeder" who only sells to
"approved homes" just fill out this form and we will have them contact you about your
bulldog puppy.

It is from this very organization's membership that the first English Bulldog puppies  were
born with their legs backwards
)  Right Judge Jimmy?  But we must remember their motto
"of breeding to improve the breed"  Yeah RIGHT!

They must know that many of their members are running puppy mills as they "refer" you
to a breeder in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and

If the AKC ever investigates the bulldogs that have been artificially inseminated by these
“respectable English bulldog breeders" they will have to destroy thousands of records and
AKC registrations because on a whole most members of the BCA ship semen with
no valid
by a veterinarian.  Nor can there be found any proof that a veterinarian
was ever involved in the extraction of the semen.  I think under any discovery under
RULE 26.1 there will be a lot of false papers easily exposed.

Most of these "respectable bulldog breeders" extract the semen themselves and then
have the "customers" send them the paperwork where it is turned into the AKC by the
breeder as having "witnessed the breeding."  Right Little Ponds Liz?   If the AKC were
to wake up and smell the coffee they would know most of this would have been a physical
impossibility and NO ONE traveled anywhere to be inseminated by the CLONED semen
selling line breeders.      

"We are proud members of the BCA"  Yes I was a member.  I found out what was being
done to the bulldog breed that I loved so much by select people trying to appear to others
that they really cared about the English bulldog breed while they were actually
intentionally INCREASING the sickness of the English bulldog puppies with their
Incestual Line Breeding all for the almighty $$$$.

I take every effort to ensure that all bulldog puppies at our location are of the best in
health quality, personality, and show quality.  If you decide to show I would encourage you
to only enter AKC shows and to stay away from the politically infected Bulldog Specialty
shows where the Cloners pit Clone against Clone.  The judges of the shows all know each
other and are normally English Bulldog LINE BREEDERS THEMSELVES so you can
only imagine the "favors."

I have personally introduced some exciting new gene pools in all of my dogs and I think it
will keep me on the cutting edge to a healthier bulldog puppy.  To understand what I am
saying think back on how the common Heinz 57 mutt normally has a longer healthier life
than most pure breeds.  Why?  Because they are not breeding back to mom and dad and
Grandpa is not out humping the granddaughter.

This type of information and exposure will not make me a popular man with breeders but
go ahead ask me if I care.  It is time to tell the truth to the public and for breeders to quit
producing such genetic garbage and selling unwanted CULLS to the public ...  for the
almighty dollar.  I work three times as hard as any breeder who just sits around and LINE
BREEDS CLONING one dog after another.  My intention is to educate the public and
perhaps prick the conscience of many breeders I know across the nation.   

It is for this reason my website
carries a warning about a $1500.00 dog  from a backyard

Jethro and Ellie Mae will sell you anything because they will breed anything!

RUN from a website that is cheap and has a few English bulldogs.  They are the worst
because they will keep a girl to breed to DAD with the ignorant mentality of
"We sure did
good on that last litter didn't we Jethro?"  

Please do not call me and insult yourself with "I just want a pet I do not want a show
dog."  Do not ask me why my bulldog puppies are sooooo much money.  You have not
invested over a decade in time and effort to really improve the breed.

I see ... Let me see I think I understand you ... you want the quality ...  but do I have
something of little  lesser in  health and quality that is maybe little deformed or perhaps
not up to the bulldog standard ... "you know something a little CHEAPER."  NO!  
I am
not the place for you to shop.

I have spent far more on developing my English bulldogs than you will ever comprehend.  
You can look all you want and my bulldogs are the best you will see on the Internet.   My
bulldogs are not boring and they have features that took years to breed into them.  This is
why YOU will not find any other English bulldogs that come close to mine in physical
appearance. When you finally decide to spend your hard earned money for an English
Bulldog Puppy I think you should get more than some leftover
CULLS. You can actually get pick of the litter.  I hate breeding but in order to really test
genetically I must breed.

Here is some free advice that will help you
Wal-Mart Shoppers while you search through
the maze of bulldogs to get the "best deal" at the cheapest price....

Never buy a puppy that you do not see all of the parents and grand parents.  Never buy a
puppy from anyone that will ship or sell you an
eight-week-old bulldog puppy.  We
normally do not release an English bulldog puppy until 12 weeks of age.  Most health
issues in any puppy will normally appear between 8-12 weeks of age and this is when we
test them the most.

Ask an English bulldog breeder if they breed Grandfather to Granddaughter or if they
line breed.
(Most will not know what you are talking about)   Beware of over stated health
NEVER buy a puppy unless the breeder shows you their facilities and that
would not be concrete pens and or a picture of a dog in a backyard.  

Demand to see where and how a bulldog puppy is kept and watch out for the common
claim that “
our dogs are home raised” in a family of love ...  That is the trademark
statement of a backyard breeder.

If you ever buy an English bulldog puppy I do not care what kind of dog you have had in
your life you will never own another dog other than a Bulldog for the rest of your life.  I
think it should be the best you can find.

Good Luck In Your Quest For A Quality Bulldog Puppy
Line Breeders of English Bulldogs The BCA Bulldog Club Of America

This bulldog video exposes The BCA is the largest line breeder of English bulldog puppies.  There is no such thing a
mini bulldog.  The best breeders of English bulldogs are by Arizona bulldog the breeder of MTV Bulldog Meaty of Rob
and Big.  Miniature bulldogs are not a real bulldog but just some nut breeding bulldog runts.
The bulldog club of America has many errors in their breeding practices while genetically bred bulldog puppies by
California bulldogs and Hollywood bulldogs actually breed the best English bulldogs and have wonderful bulldog puppies
for sale that conform to the bulldog standard.  Great Video that educates the bulldog puppy buyer on every level of
buying an english bulldog puppy.All except the BCA and the mini bulldog crowd are members of the Genetic bulldog
breeders association and are the foremost standard in holding a higher standard in bulldog puppy health unmatched by
every other bulldog breeder  Be sure to visite each GBBA website including californiacoastbulldogs, route66bulldogs,
kentuckyhomebulldogs, hollywoodbulldogs, arizonabulldogs, californiabulldogs, and the master site of gbbabulldogs.

How can anyone find a good thing about The bulldog club of America has many errors in their breeding practices while
genetically bred bulldog puppies by California bulldogs and Hollywood bulldogs actually breed the best English bulldogs
and have wonderful bulldog puppies for sale that conform to the bulldog standard.  All except the BCA and the mini
bulldog crowd are members of the Genetic bulldog breeders association and are the foremost standard in holding a
higher standard in bulldog puppy health unmatched by every other bulldog breederThe BCA is the largest line breeder
of English bulldog puppies.  There is no such thing a mini bulldog.  The best breeders of English bulldogs are by
Arizona bulldog the breeder of MTV Bulldog Meaty of Rob and Big.  What a great site about english bulldog puppies.  
Miniature bulldogs are not a real bulldog but just some nut breeding bulldog runts.